Here you will find the public results and downloads from the HEATSTORE project, including deliverables and other output.


Underground Thermal Energy Storage (UTES) – state-of-the-art, example cases and lessons learned [D1.1]

State of the art HT-ATES in the Netherlands [D1.1 - Appendix I]

Design considerations for high temperatures storage in Dutch Aquifers [D1.1 - Appendix II]

Underground Thermal Energy Storage (UTES) – general specifications and design [D1.2]

Interim report on UTES-type/site-specific simulators based on academic/research codes [D2.2]

Benchmarking and improving models of subsurface heat storage dynamics [D2.3]

Incorporation of a new generation smart energy management algorithm (HeatMatcher) in CHESS [D3.6]

Feasibility assessment & design for demonstration projects – learnings of an international workshop [D4.1]

Monitoring plans: demonstration projects and case studies [D5.1]


HEATSTORE risk assessment approach for HT-ATES applied to demonstration case Middenmeer, The Netherlands

Workflow to evaluate the risk of mineral scaling in a HT-ATES system and application to a potential site in Middenmeer, The Netherlands


National screening process for Underground Thermal Energy Storage (UTES) sites in Denmark [MS1.2]

Seismic reprocessing for shallow structure of aquifers [MS1.3]

Theoretical framework for the representation of uncertainties [MS5.5]

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